Deborah Ngufu Releases Uplifting Gospel Dance Track “Kina”

Deborah Ngufu Kina
Deborah Ngufu Kina

Gospel music singer-songwriter Deborah Ngufu has graced the music world with her latest release, the danceable gospel track titled “Kina.” Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Deborah Ngufu is not only a talented artist but also a leader of praise and worship, as well as a motivator.

“Kina” is a joyful and spiritually uplifting gospel song that combines infectious rhythms with powerful lyrics. Deborah Ngufu’s soulful vocals and heartfelt message shine through in this track, creating an atmosphere of celebration and praise.

The word “Kina” translates to “Here” in English, signifying the presence of God in the lives of believers. The song encourages listeners to rejoice and dance in the presence of the Lord, expressing gratitude and worship through music.

Deborah Ngufu’s music is known for its ability to inspire and motivate, and “Kina” is no exception. The track’s infectious beat and positive message make it suitable for both personal worship and communal celebration.

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