Di Ruption Delivers Emotional Dancehall tune “Problems”

Di Ruption
Di Ruption

Jamaican dancehall artist Di Ruption is making waves once again with his heartfelt and emotional new single, “Problems.” With poignant lyrics that tug at the heartstrings and a rhythmic dancehall groove, this track showcases Di Ruption’s ability to convey raw emotions through his music.

“Problems” opens with the soul-searching lyrics, “Eternal Father mi have problems, beg you a second fi solve them, Cah blood still a fall from me hands dem, mi heart nah work like the engine ina one10. Father help me, tell me how mi fi stop sing when the pain ina me heart, Cah solve wid no aspirin, a run from problems like Usain run left Gatlin. Hey father, just need a second, if me right hand offend yuh, chop it off wah bout yuh left hand? Hard life a reach me and that me, Nuh deh pon wah find food without using me weapon. Father help me, tell me who a the real ones if me family a mi foot, Nuh real give me a sign fi link Susan (Susan Show), yeah guh link Susan.” These heartfelt words set the tone for a song that explores life’s trials and tribulations.

Problems cover

The chorus, “Heavenly Father, here am I, crying while eyes filled with water, all these paaaaaaiiiiiiinnnn, all these pain, all these pain, need healing,” resonates with listeners, offering a universal message of hope and healing during challenging times.

Di Ruption, known for his distinctive dancehall style and lyrical depth, continues to connect with fans through his music. “Problems” is a testament to his versatility and his ability to address pressing issues with honesty and vulnerability.

“Problems” by Di Ruption is now available for streaming on all major music platforms, inviting dancehall enthusiasts and music lovers to experience the emotional journey encapsulated in this powerful track.