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Digga Famous Unleashes Afro House Anthem “Gigi”

Gigi Cover Art
Gigi cover art

Houston-Nigerian artist Digga Famous, also known as StarLevel and P DIGGA, has set the music scene ablaze with the release of his latest Afro house anthem, “Gigi.” With a signature style that embodies innovation and artistry, Digga Famous continues to captivate audiences with his groundbreaking contributions to the smooth falsetto rapping style, a trend that has gained popularity not only in his native Nigeria but also across different music landscapes.

“Gigi” stands as a testament to Digga Famous’ unwavering dedication to musical innovation, offering a mesmerizing blend of Afro house rhythms and compelling lyrical artistry. With a rich musical background and a versatile approach to his craft, Digga Famous has solidified his position as a trailblazer in the music industry.

Having collaborated with esteemed artists such as Dremo, Terry Apala, DJ Chose, DJ Kaywise, Boogey, A-Q, and P DIGGA, Digga Famous has left an indelible mark on the music scene, showcasing his ability to seamlessly navigate different musical styles and genres.

Digga Famous’ signature style of music is a must-listen for music enthusiasts, as he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and artistic expression. His unwavering commitment to flooding the streets with his captivating sounds speaks to his determination to carve out a lasting legacy in the rap game, representing the culture and his city with every beat and lyric.

With “Gigi,” Digga Famous invites audiences to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Afro house rhythms and experience the dynamic fusion of musical influences that define his artistry.