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DJ Azonto Replies Shatta Wale After Twitter Outburst

Dj Azonto And Shatta Wale
DJ Azonto and Shatta Wale

Fa No Fom hitmaker, DJ Azonto has publicly addressed Shatta Wale following a derogatory remark directed at him on Twitter.

The tweet, which included the offensive phrase “DJ Azonto Wo Maame…”, has triggered a response from DJ Azonto, who took the opportunity to reply on stage before his show in Koforidua last night.

During his performance, DJ Azonto took a moment to read the reply he had penned to Shatta Wale. The letter addressed not only the insult but also called for mutual respect and the cessation of such harmful language within the music industry.

Patrons were excited listening to this letter by DJ Azonto, showing their support for his call for respect and unity within the industry.

Here is the letter DJ Azonto read on stage:

From: CEO – Rolls Royce Family (DJ Azonto)

To: CEO – Shatta Movement (Shatta Wale)
Dear Almighty Shatta Wale,

Respect is Reciprocal

I am not Michy, but I still love you from the bottom of my heart, like 99% of Ghanaians, if not 100%.
Out of my $10 million compensation from the Vice President, I will build a $2 million museum for
you, I swear. I want to appreciate and celebrate you now while we are both alive. In Ghana, until you
die, you aren’t considered a celebrity.

May you reign forever, my King.
Undoubtedly, because of you, all musicians are doing better than actors these days. I can twerk for a minute in London and still get paid more than a policeman. You’ve brought money into the industry.

Aside from your impact on musicians, you’ve made bloggers like Gh Hyper, Gh Kwaku Ronnie Is Everywhere, Zion Felix, Kwadwo Sheldon, Gh Trends, and even Bongo rich. Now they control the plastic ladies in Ghana and travel abroad as if it were just a trip to Kaneshie. You deserve to be honored before the end of time.

Charterhouse awarded a ghost, remember? Ebony wasn’t celebrated until she died. Clap for Charterhouse. The pain in my heart still lingers. FaNoFom wasn’t the most popular? Wale, it’s TGMA this year. You can’t afford to miss it. They made you a star. My nurse dress alone for the red carpet costs $300K. All this is because of you; you’ve made money flow into the music industry. You surpass the highest.

Shatta Wale, on a more serious note, I want you to put your hands behind your back and listen to words of wisdom. Boss, respect is reciprocal. I will give you the two million dollars on one condition:

Once you get this letter, promise me that you will stop the internet fooling and insults. This is your last warning: Stop insulting mothers. I don’t want to hear you ever say “Wo Maame ***” again. Remember that life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mum. Shatta Wale, stop the foolishness.

Where are your good friends, Solash Alien, Kush Taylor, Salti, Dada Joe, Kofi Boat, Kofi Abban, and others? I spoke with Sammy Flex in London to advise you to exercise a little patience, but you still continue, so I’m writing directly to you. Don’t ever use that word again, you hear me? Real men don’t insult women; real men don’t insult at all.

You are my role model and that of many youth. Boss, if you humble yourself, I swear you will surpass Burna Boy. Respect is the only thing you lack, and once corrected, you will win Grammys. My second command to you is to go and apologize to Despite. I won’t give you this advice again if you disrespect me. Respect is reciprocal.

A man without a woman is useless. This is what majority of the society think. The society has its way of thinking. Some even think a whole God fearing man like me is a Gay and I don’t blame them.What they see is what they copy.What they hear is what they learn. Let me add this: I had a dream of you having an expensive and luxurious wedding, and I can’t wait to attend. I’m busy performing in Koforidua now.

The sacrifice you have given the industry is worth it, and now promoters pay really well. Once I return, His Excellency The Vice President Dr. Bawumia and Fella Makafui will hear from me respectively.

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