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DJ D.w.D Unveils Captivating Afrobeats Love Song “Catch Cruise”

Dj D.w.dDj D.w.D

DJ D.w.D has taken the music scene by storm with the release of his latest afrobeats single, “Catch Cruise.” This enchanting love song showcases DJ D.w.D’s versatility and passion for blending a variety of sounds, demonstrating his innate musical talent and diverse cultural influences.

Hailing from a family originally from Benin and growing up in Orléans, DJ D.w.D’s musical journey has been shaped by a rich tapestry of influences, from South African melodies to Beninese notes and classical accents. His early exposure to a diverse range of musical styles laid the foundation for his unique musical culture, setting the stage for his foray into the world of music.

Nicknamed “Dyf who makes the Diff” by his elders, DJ D.w.D delved into French and American urban music, drawing inspiration from TV clips and the experiences of his Philadelphia cousins collaborating with Luniz. These encounters ignited his belief that “music is possible” through any means necessary, inspiring him to embark on his musical path.

Dj D.w.d Catch Cruise Artwork
Dj D.w.d Catch Cruise Artwork

As DJ D.w.D’s passion for music deepened, he began to explore music management and DJing, ensuring harmonious atmospheres and smooth transitions at gatherings. His move to Paris in 2006 marked a pivotal turning point, as he dedicated his free time to attending studio sessions and honing his craft, ultimately realizing his innate connection to music.

Under the influence of, DJ D.w.D began composing his own creations, infusing a variety of melodies and personal touches into his work. While his musical influences initially leaned towards hip-hop, DJ D.w.D’s life experiences have constantly driven him to diversify his musical field, bringing a distinctive touch to his creations.

“Catch Cruise” stands as a testament to DJ D.w.D’s evolution as an artist and his dedication to creating captivating afrobeats music that resonates with audiences worldwide. The single offers a mesmerizing blend of vibrant rhythms and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing DJ D.w.D’s ability to craft an enchanting love song that captivates the senses.

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