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DJ Electra Releases Inspiring New Single “At Peace With Myself”

At Peace With Myself
At Peace With Myself

Faith Uche Stevens, popularly known as DJ Electra, has officially launched her music career with the release of her inspiring new single, “At Peace With Myself.” DJ Electra, also known as The Inspiring DJ, is widely recognized for her philanthropic efforts and dedication to empowering youths in local communities.

“As Peace With Myself” is a heartfelt song that reflects DJ Electra’s journey towards finding inner peace and self-acceptance. Through her music, she aims to create awareness about epilepsy and reduce stigmatization against those living with the condition, as she herself lives with epilepsy. DJ Electra’s voluntary donations and the profits generated by her entertainment organization, Electra Music Empire Limited, are used for humanitarian purposes and to support her cause.

DJ Electra’s achievements speak volumes about her dedication and impact in the industry. She was voted Outstanding DJ of the Year 2023 by Rave TV and Trek Africa Newspaper, and she became the first female DJ to participate and graduate from the Academy for Women’s Entrepreneurs (A.W.E) in 2022. She has also been sponsored by Inside Out Media for her first sound project for a movie in London and has performed at U.S Consulate General events on multiple occasions.

In addition to her music career, DJ Electra has founded the DJ Electra Charity Organization and has been recognized as the first female DJ in Africa to be included in the Afro Jam DJ Hall of Fame. She has also served as the official DJ in the critically acclaimed movie “The Wedding Party” directed by Kemi Adetiba. Her dedication to her craft and her contributions to the empowerment of women have been acknowledged by Honoris United Universities, who awarded her a certificate of appreciation.

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