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DJ Flex Unleashes New Afrobeat Anthem “ODO”

Dj Flex
DJ Flex

DJ Flex, also known as Felix Erwiah, has dropped his newest afrobeat sensation, “ODO,” showcasing his musical prowess and global influences. Born in Newark, New Jersey, on January 6th, 1997, DJ Flex has been making waves in the music scene since around 2014.

Initially gaining recognition for his mixes, DJ Flex’s musical journey involves a fusion of genres like Afrobeat, Afropop, Jersey Club, and Moombahton. With cultural roots tracing back to Ghana, DJ Flex has established himself as a music producer with a unique sound that resonates globally.

Dj Flex Odo
Odo cover art

Raised in Jersey, DJ Flex stands out as a teenager who delved into various musical styles rather than conventional sports. His beats and mixes reflect a diverse range of influences, and he aspires to become the DJ Khaled of Africa and the Caribbean through his music.

“ODO” is a testament to DJ Flex’s ability to seamlessly blend different sounds and create infectious rhythms. The track not only demonstrates his musical versatility but also highlights his dedication to representing his cultural roots in his work. As an artist, DJ Flex is driven by the support of his community and a growing worldwide audience.

Looking ahead, DJ Flex envisions creating a global platform for cutting-edge genres, connecting with more artists and labels, and expanding his musical exposure. “ODO” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey for DJ Flex.