D’Lucca Takes Afrobeats to New Heights with “Rewind”


D’Lucca, the rising star hailing from Angola and now based in Lisbon, Portugal, is set to captivate the world with his electrifying new Afrobeats single, “Rewind.” This enchanting love story, told through the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats, is poised to become the summer anthem you’ve been waiting for.

“Rewind” invites you on a journey through nostalgia and passion, defying the constant march of time by daring to revisit precious moments shared with someone special. In a world that never stops moving, D’Lucca encourages listeners to rewind and relive the beautiful experiences that love can bring.

This heartwarming track encapsulates the essence of summer, with its infectious Afrobeats rhythms and heartfelt lyrics that evoke both joy and longing. The lyrics act as a time machine, transporting listeners to cherished moments and making them realize the value of what might be slipping away.

As the sun sets on the love story narrated in “Rewind,” it stands as a reminder that there’s always an opportunity to revisit, to start anew, and to reignite the flames of love. D’Lucca’s performance in this track is an emotional tour de force, demonstrating the depth of feeling and passion that he brings to his music.

“Rewind” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience, a journey through love’s ups and downs, and it’s poised to capture the hearts of listeners around the world. Its melodic hooks, infectious beats, and resonating message make it an instant favorite on playlists, radio stations, and dance floors.

Let “Rewind” be the soundtrack to your summer and join the chorus of those who believe in second chances, in memories worth revisiting.

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