Donnzy Returns With New Amapiano Single “Corner”


Rising Abia State, Nigerian musician Donnzy has recently released an electrifying Amapiano track titled “Corner.” With a blend of local influences and global sounds, Donnzy has quickly made a name for himself in the Nigerian music scene. His latest release, “Corner,” solidifies his status as one of Nigeria’s brightest talents in 2024.

“Corner” is a grooving song that will have listeners on their feet, craving for more. This classic track seamlessly combines the essence of Afrobeat and Amapiano, creating a melodic masterpiece. Inspired by a real-life situation of trying to win over a girl without success, Donnzy channeled his emotions into his music. The result is a hit that captures the essence of the Afrobeat and Amapiano lifestyle.

Donnzy Corner
Donnzy corner

The production of “Corner” is in the capable hands of Sammie Beats, while the track is engineered by T.U.C. The collaboration brings out the best in Donnzy’s unique sound, creating a vibrant and infectious musical experience.

Donnzy’s passion for music has led him to create a unique sound and lifestyle for Afrobeat lovers. Drawing inspiration from his parents, who have shown unwavering support for his musical journey, Donnzy aims to establish a special bond with his fans and reach out to each and every one of them through his music.

“My passion for music has brought me into the industry to make and create a unique sound and lifestyle for afrobeat lovers. My moHvaHon of music comes from my parents due to their love and support towards me and my music from day one. I want to create a special bond with my fans and to be able to reach out to every single one of them through my sound.” – Donnzy Shared

With “Corner,” Donnzy invites music enthusiasts to join him on a sonic journey filled with irresistible beats, captivating melodies, and a vibrant energy that is sure to leave listeners wanting more. As he continues to carve his path in the industry, Donnzy’s dedication to creating a unique sound and connecting with his fans will undoubtedly propel him to even greater heights.

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