Draqq Returns With New Afrobeats Single “Possess”


Fast-rising Independent musical force Draqq has unveiled his latest afrobeats single titled “Possess.” Hailing from Nigeria’s Southern Region, Draqq is a versatile artist whose sonic prowess transcends boundaries. Drawing inspiration from Nigeria’s rich musical heritage, he effortlessly blends diverse sounds to create a phenomenal melody that resonates with listeners.

Draqq’s authenticity shines through in every track, offering a musical journey that spans variations of Afrobeats, including Afro-drill, Afro hip-hop, Afro-fusion, and a blend of Amapiano.

Draqq Possess
Possess cover art

With a commitment to storytelling through music, Draqq goes beyond being an artist; he is a sonic storyteller. His magnetic energy and bright smile are ready to ignite playlists and souls alike. “Possess” showcases Draqq’s ability to captivate listeners with his unique blend of afrobeats, leaving them craving more of his infectious sound.

Osafo Daniel
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