D’vyne Comfort Fuses RnB and Afrobeats In “Tell Me”

D'Vyne Comfort
D'vyne Comfort

Nigerian singer D’vyne Comfort has unveiled her latest afrobeats single, “Tell Me.” The track, blending afrobeats with R&B, pulsates with infectious energy and an unforgettable melody.

Born and raised in South London, D’vyne Comfort, whose real name is Comfort Emmanuel, showcases her multi-faceted talent in this emotionally charged song. The lyrics delve into the universal theme of clandestine love, exploring the intricate dance of being an undercover lover. Particularly resonant among women, the song urges partners to declare their love boldly.

D'Vyne Comfort Tell Me
D’vyne comfort tell me

D’vyne Comfort’s Afro-Soul sound, infused with elements of pop and reggae, sets her apart as an artist with a unique and captivating style. Her smooth and sweet vocal delivery, often compared to melted chocolate, promises a delightful musical experience.

Having previously been a member of the original reggae band Dojo, D’vyne Comfort has graced prestigious stages, including the London International Ska Festival at Jazz Café, Victorious Festival, Secret Garden Party, Green Man, and the O2 in Leeds, supporting reggae acts like Groundation and The Wailers.

With “Tell Me,” D’vyne Comfort continues to shine as an artist dedicated to breaking the mold of any single genre or style. Her creative spirit and commitment to her craft promise a bright future.