E-Dee Releases Sensual Dancehall Track “Zum Zum Zum”


Jamaican-based musician E-Dee, is back with a steamy new track titled “Zum Zum Zum,” bringing sensuality back to the dancehall scene. This track brings a dose of sensuality and seduction to the dancehall genre, setting the mood for a night of passion and romance.

The song starts with lyrics that immediately grab the listener’s attention: “She wan roll with the big dog, she want a real badman because mi dick tall, shub it up make she fall like a river, she a scream and a ball fi har liver, she no want no other man, she say a me one, no likkle tiny thing she want the big one, big money big van piece of big land, good pum pum mi never coulda keep from the freak one.” E-Dee’s vocal delivery exudes confidence and charm, setting the tone for an enticing journey through the song’s narrative.

E-Dee - Zum Zum Zum
Zum Zum Zum cover

In the chorus, E-Dee sings, “Its your body, the way you got me, uh huh, Its your body, make me go zum zum zum.” The song’s chorus is both catchy and captivating, emphasizing the irresistible allure of the subject of the song.

As the song progresses, E-Dee explores the theme of temptation and desire with lyrics like “I know you’re not good for me, but something won’t let me leave, taking chances like felonies, what a wicked spell on me, but I gotta have you.” These lyrics reflect the internal conflict of succumbing to temptation, adding depth to the song’s narrative.

“Zum Zum Zum” captures the essence of sensual dancehall with its alluring lyrics and infectious beats. E-Dee’s charisma and musical prowess shine through, making this track a must-listen for fans of dancehall and lovers of sultry, seductive music.

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