Echezona and JPRiZM have collaborated on a new song titled “It’s Your World”.


The song opens with a captivating chorus that sets the tone for the track: “You know that I just can’t see part of it (The sunshine, the rainbows) I need all of it (The rough times, we hate those)”

As the song progresses, the rap verse kicks in, delivering a powerful message: “It’s your world, I just live in it You had a leg up, but we still kick it I came from the dirt, but we still diggin’ each other, Still biggin’ each other up Still diggin’ each other, still biggin’ each other up Sowin’ seeds tryna grow a tree Who’s rootin for ya as you’re branching out? I’ve been beatin’ to my own drum Whose ideas you’ve been dancin’ round? Don’t bring me this far just to start Shunnin’ me out, thuggin’ it out Runnin’ with doubt, I’m at the door Let me come in the house, lovin’ without limit”

It's Your World
It’s Your World Cover

Echezona, a Son of Africa and a Son of America was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Nigerian immigrant parents, which makes him a unique blend of cultural influences. Fluent in Igbo and just 22 years old, Echezona is a multi-lingual singer, rapper, and songwriter. He represents the African diaspora and acts as a bridge between different worlds, contributing to the global melting pot of cultural diversity and uplifting people with his music.

Echezona’s musical style is a fusion of Hip Hop and Afropop, woven with Afrobeat rhythms and a touch of EDM, RnB, and pop elements. He often collaborates with producer JPRiZM and has also worked with artists like SuperSmashBroz, PrettyBoy Do-O, and Itsbynu. One of his most notable tracks, “Galileo”, gained significant recognition as it was featured in EASports 2K basketball game, aired on ESPN TV, and played on FM commercial radio. This exposure even led to co-branding with the NBA.

Apart from “Galileo”, Echezona has other fan-favorite tracks including “Big Chop”, “Arm’s Length”, “Pace”, and “Ride”. His latest release, “TMH” (meaning Too Much Heat), showcases his bold and provocative lyrics over an intense beat. Echezona is signed to the independent record label, Koma Toast Records.

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