Efi Cruise Returns With “Bayside Riddim” – A Fusion of Indigenous Sounds and Contemporary Production

Efi Cruise
Efi Cruise

Rising Nigerian singer Efi Cruise has unveiled his latest musical endeavor, “Bayside Riddim,” a captivating exploration of the indigenous ‘Konkoma’ music native to the people of Bayside in Calabar. Infusing traditional percussion and vocals with contemporary elements such as keyboards, guitars, and a percussive bassline, Efi Cruise aims to introduce his audience to this rich indigenous sound while maintaining a familiar yet innovative production.

With his unique vocal performing technique, Efi Cruise ensures that “Bayside Riddim” remains a seamless fusion of tradition and modernity, offering a fresh and captivating musical experience. The artist’s distinctive blend of Jazz, Afro-Beats, Highlife, Hip-Hop, and Funk has been coined as ‘Southern Afro-Jazz,’ reflecting his diverse musical influences and innovative approach to storytelling through music.

Bayside Riddim
Bayside riddim

The release of Efi Cruise’s debut deluxe studio album, ‘Mirrors,’ has solidified his position as a trailblazer in the Afro-Jazz creative space, showcasing his ability to carve a niche for himself with his evocative and genre-defying sound.

Notably, the songs “Jangolova” and “Sade” from the JSS E.P. were featured in the acclaimed Netflix exclusive titled “Here Love Lies,” further cementing Efi Cruise’s impact on a global scale.

Efi’s style of performance, characterized by scat-singing, resonates with the traditions of Jazz and Bebop musicians, allowing him to effortlessly float on the bar with a sense of lightheartedness and flexibility, while delivering performances that captivate and engage his audience. His genuine love for life shines through in his music, adding depth and authenticity to his artistic expression.