Efi Cruise Shares New Afro-Jazz Masterpiece “I Know”

Efi Cruise
Efi Cruise

Self-proclaimed as ‘Bayside Boy’, rising Nigerian musician Efi Cruise, returns to the music scene by storm with his latest release, “I Know.” This track showcases Efi Cruise’s unique genre, “Southern Afro-Jazz,” which artfully blends Jazz, Afro-Beats, Highlife, and Funk, promising an exhilarating and genre-defying musical experience.

“I Know” is not just a song; it’s a sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music. Efi Cruise’s distinctive blend of genres takes listeners on a musical adventure, exploring an intricate soundscape that marries different cultural influences while staying true to the soulful essence of Afro-Jazz.

Efi Cruise I know
I know

Efi Cruise is a master of scat-singing, a vocal style often associated with Jazz and Bebop musicians. His scat-singing technique is a hallmark of his performances, allowing him to effortlessly navigate the bars, adding a playful and engaging dimension to his music. He delivers his performances with boundless energy and flexibility, ensuring that every note resonates with his audience.

In “I Know,” Efi Cruise’s scat-singing style dances seamlessly with an instrumental backdrop that incorporates rich Jazz elements, making for a vibrant and harmonious composition. The song not only demonstrates Efi Cruise’s musical prowess but also celebrates life, as his style and lyrics are filled with exuberance.

Efi Cruise, who has coined the term “Southern Afro-Jazz” to describe his genre, is dedicated to honing his craft and continues to explore the uncharted territories of music. He’s on a relentless journey to discover new soundscapes and to express his love for life through his art.

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