Efya Highlights Sarkodie’s Collaborations as Her Best in the Ghanaian Music Scene

Efya And Sarkodie
Efya and Sarkodie

Award-winning Ghanaian singer/songwriter Efya has opened up about her most esteemed collaborations. In an exclusive interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z with Kwame Dadzie, Efya revealed that her best collaborations are the ones she did with renowned rapper Sarkodie.

The ‘Super Super’ hitmaker disclosed that despite having worked with almost 120 artists, her collaborations with Sarkodie hold a special place in her musical journey. Efya acknowledged that while collaborating with various artists has been a fulfilling experience, working with Sarkodie has given her the highest eminence in the Ghanaian music industry.

“I have worked with almost 120 artistes. So the hardest collaboration will be anything that I did with Sarkodie,” Efya shared during the interview.

She further emphasized the evolving nature of the music industry, pointing out the importance of staying current. Efya echoed a sentiment she expressed on social media two years ago, urging artists who had not released works she had been featured on in the past three years to consider a retake or refrain from releasing the work altogether. The artist highlighted the continuous improvement in musicians’ skills and the need for songs to align with current musical tastes.

“Nowadays it depends on the mic you are using. There is a certain way that I need things to be. The upgrade is not easy. When it’s done, it has to be maintained. It’s not really that bad. It’s no shade or anything. Come let’s make the song better,” she remarked, emphasizing the importance of making music that resonates with the current musical landscape.

Efya’s reflections on her collaborations and commitment to musical excellence showcase her dedication to evolving alongside the dynamic music industry while cherishing the impactful collaborations that have shaped her artistic journey, particularly those with Sarkodie.

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