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Ehu shares delightful vocals on new single ‘Us’

Ehu Us

Ehu continues to chart her way to success and ‘Us‘ is her new guide, a wonderfully done R&B/Afro-soul track that promises to make love simply work. It’s the perfect song to keep two together.

There’s lots to love about the Ghanaian singer’s delightful new approach to the everyday topic of love, an unexpected twist we’re admittedly big fans of.

Singer Ehu
Singer ehu

Us is all about us fighting for that relationship we desire“, Ehu shared with Elite PR. “I initially wrote it as a song for lovers. But every time I listen to it I feel like it can apply to all relationships – any long lasting relationship“. She again added, “Sometimes we have to feel vulnerable to be moved to fight for love. You know, to keep together with that lover or friend we so badly need in our lives. And it all begins with us making an effort together if we really want it forever“.

Singer Ehu
Singer ehu

Her personal sentiments aside, ‘Us‘ plays like a charm – genuine melody from the heart with no ego in sight. The Sei-produced song is plain gentle in its approach and rings as wholly captivating thanks to the singer’s delicate vocals. Having come a long way in the spotlight, Ehu’s ‘Us‘ is another brilliant expression of what love is to her.

It is geared at both young and seasoned lovers and is in to set the mood running for her next flight of releases sure to grace the industry soon. Anticipate!

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