EMALY Releases Enchanting Afrobeats Single “Go Ahead”


EMALY, the sunny duo based in Angers, France, has taken the music world by storm with their latest afrobeats single, “Go Ahead.” This captivating track defies expectations, blending modern elements with timeless energy, and serves as the eponymous title track of their album.

“Go Ahead” is an ode to personal growth and perseverance, promising to captivate listeners with its enchanting melody and poignant lyrics. The song showcases EMALY’s unique musical style, which seamlessly merges various influences to create a blended sound they affectionately describe as “POP TROPICAL.”

Emaly Go Ahead
Go ahead cover art

EMALY draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including reggae legends like Dezarie and Gregory Isaacs, traditional artists such as Cassiya and Danyèl Waro, and modern groups like Rosalia and Dj Sebb. This eclectic mix of influences is reflected in their authentic and distinctive sound.

The duo’s musical journey began naturally, with the Franco-Mauritian singer, steeped in music since her childhood, influenced by her father. Her velvety voice quickly charmed Jakub, the other half of the duo, and together they embarked on a musical adventure. EMALY’s compositions are a reflection of their diverse musical tastes, harmoniously merging various influences to create a sound that carries their unique identity.

EMALY’s boundless energy is infectious, and their music is sure to captivate audiences. With their name meaning “love her” in Reunionese (“AIME A LI”), the duo’s ambition is to win hearts and make everyone they encounter dance.