Envy Elvy Takes Listeners on a Multifaceted Journey with “Seasons, After Dark”

Envy Elvy
Envy Elvy

From the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa, comes an artist whose music transcends boundaries and genres. Envy Elvy, originally hailing from Zimbabwe, presents his latest musical endeavor, an extraordinary 16-track album titled “Seasons, After Dark.”

This ambitious project, produced by the talented Rass EE, weaves together elements of R&B, Hip-Hop, Shoegaze, and Grunge to create a captivating musical tapestry. One of the standout tracks from this album, “Win,” is accompanied by an official music video that elevates the listening experience to new heights. Envy Elvy’s music is a testament to his artistic depth and creative vision, and this album is sure to leave a lasting impact on the music scene.

Seasons, After Dark
Seasons, After Dark cover

“Seasons, After Dark” is a genre-blending masterpiece that defies easy categorization. Envy Elvy’s willingness to experiment with diverse musical styles is evident throughout the album. From the soulful melodies of R&B to the gritty beats of Hip-Hop, and the dreamy atmospheres of Shoegaze to the raw energy of Grunge, each track offers a unique sonic experience. Envy Elvy’s ability to seamlessly traverse these genres showcases his versatility as an artist and his commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

One of the album’s highlights is the collaboration between Envy Elvy and fellow artists NAP and Simple BK. Their joint effort on track number 14 Anthem results in a captivating blend of voices and styles that adds an extra layer of depth to “Seasons, After Dark.” This collaboration is a testament to the power of artistic synergy and further demonstrates Envy Elvy’s commitment to creating music that resonates with a wide audience.

“Win” – The Official Music Video below

To accompany the release of “Seasons, After Dark,” Envy Elvy has unveiled the official music video for the track “Win.” This visually stunning video serves as a perfect complement to the song’s triumphant message. Shot with meticulous attention to detail and artistic flair, the video adds a whole new dimension to the music, inviting viewers to immerse themselves fully in Envy Elvy’s world.

“Seasons, After Dark” is not just an album; it’s a musical journey through the ever-changing seasons of life, seen through the eyes and heard through the soul of Envy Elvy. This album’s fusion of genres, collaborative excellence, and the mesmerizing official music video for “Win” make it a must-listen for music enthusiasts worldwide.

Envy Elvy’s talent, combined with his dedication to pushing creative boundaries, sets him apart as a rising star in the music industry. From Zimbabwe to South Africa and beyond, Envy Elvy’s music has the power to resonate with audiences from all walks of life.

You can stream or download the full album here

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