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ET Boys Unveil Catchy Pop Single “Bong Bong”

ET Boys, a dynamic duo consisting of Latino brothers Tacboy and Sharkeyes, has recently released their infectious new Pop single titled “Bong Bong.” Born in Chicago but hailing from SoFlo (South Florida), the ET Boys bring their unique blend of talent and creativity to the forefront of the music scene.

Tacboy takes the lead as the vocalist and lyricist, composing to the songs written and performed by Sharkeyes. Together, they create a captivating musical experience that defies traditional genre boundaries. Their sound can be described as Nu Alt Pop, showcasing their ability to blend different genres and create a distinct sonic identity.

From their first release, “Sober,” in the summer of 2021 to their debut album, “Forever Night,” at the end of 2022, the ET Boys have been consistently delivering songs that are rich with melody, emotional lyrics, and ultra-cool sounds. Their music provides an amazing listening experience that resonates with audiences.

“Bong Bong” is the latest addition to the ET Boys’ growing discography. With its catchy hooks and infectious energy, the single is sure to captivate listeners and leave them wanting more. The ET Boys’ commitment to pushing boundaries and creating their own unique sound sets them apart as rising stars in the Pop music scene.

According to Sharkeyes, “This is just the beginning, Beto.” With their undeniable talent and dedication to their craft, the ET Boys are poised for a bright future in the music industry. Fans can expect more exciting releases and captivating performances from this talented duo

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