Exclisive Interview: Kwaku Asante Shares Creative Insights, Dream Collaborations and More

Kwaku Asante Interview

Hailing from London, UK, British-Ghanaian singer-songwriter Kwaku Asante has been steadily carving his own unique path through the industry. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Kwaku’s musical odyssey, exploring his creative process, the influence of his Ghanaian heritage, and his dreams for the future.

Kwaku Asante’s story is one of talent meeting serendipity. It all began with the humble act of uploading demos to SoundCloud from the confines of his university bedroom. What started as a small personal project soon blossomed into a musical journey that resonated with listeners across the country. Today, Kwaku is on the brink of unveiling his fourth project, slated for release on September 13th.

📌 Who is Kwaku Asante?

K.A: Kwaku Asante is a British-Ghanaian singer-songwriter from London, UK 

📌 Can you tell us about your musical journey and how you got started in the music industry?

K.A: Started uploading demos to SoundCloud in my university bedroom which got heard more and more around the country. I found management and put together a small team and now I’m on my 4th project which is set to come out September 13th

📌 Your music often blends different genres and influences. What inspires your unique sound?

K.A: My taste in music is quite vast & eclectic. I grew up around so many different types on people, that’s one thing about London its super diverse so I was put onto. R&B, soul, pop, Motown, rock, metal, Bollywood so I just love just seeing what my ear likes and just following its intuition.

📌 How has your Ghanaian heritage influenced your music, both in terms of lyrical content and musical style?

K.A: More so in the lyrical content I feel with Ghanaian culture we are known to be kind, open, uplifting and sincere and that is what my mother has instilled in me. Especially with my last releases those are definitely the main themes. I sometimes try and use Ghanaian words like in my song “Before You Go”. However just the essence of hard work I feel is a part of our culture, my Grandad worked in music in Ghana and founded the first record label ambassador recordings and he passed that onto my mum who did to me. Also the importance of playing instruments. Like in early high life Ghana music.

📌 Collaborations can be an important part of an artist’s career. Are there any artists, producers, or musicians you dream of collaborating with in the future?

K.A: Yes there are so many artists like: Little Simz, Cleo Sol, Nao, Sza, J Cole, Sampha & Amber Mark. Producers like: Mark Ronson, Dmile, Syd, Inflo, Dj Dahi

📌 Can you walk us through your creative process when it comes to songwriting and composing music?

K.A: Quite like an essay is how I see it. You have a topic and a story you want to tell. I have sentences I want to say but they’re are loose which always space for the song to become whatever it needs to become. Then the melody develops alongside the music. That influences the melody we choose as well as the words we say. Then we refine it until we get the finished product and voila you have a song.

📌 Your music often touches on themes of identity and self-discovery. How do you hope your listeners connect with these themes through your music?

K.A: I hope people find comfort in the fact that me and through the numbers that a lot of people are going through the same thing. They’re not alone in how they’re feeling and life is a journey that should be enjoyed through ups and downs.

📌 What’s your favourite part about performing live, and do you have any memorable experiences from your live shows?

K.A: It’s the re-imagining the songs with my band and MD and making them sound and feel slightly different to how they are on Spotify etc. Just my last headline show at Village Underground was pretty special, last November.

📌 As an artist, what challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them in your career so far?

K.A: The amount you have to keep up with due to there being so many social platform to promote your music, especially when you’re independent.

📌 Your debut EP, “Honeycomb,” received critical acclaim. Can you share your thoughts on the response it received and what it meant for your career?

K.A: It was great as a confidence boost and to let me know that my taste is going in the right direction. It also opened a lot of doors and just allowed me to develop more as an artist, musician, and creative.

📌 Many aspiring musicians look up to you for your success. What advice do you have for young artists trying to break into the music industry?

K.A: I say be prepared to work hard & focus on the music first before other things as that is what will ensure you will stand the test of time.

📌 What can fans and listeners expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or collaborations you’d like to tease?

K.A: Music & shows!

📌 Lastly, can you share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that your fans might not know?

K.A: I studied Human Geography at University!

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