Exclusive Interview: Africa Now Radio’s New Host Nandi Madida Talks Passion, Promotion, and African Talent

Nandi Nadia Ghana Plug

We had the privilege of sitting down with the new host of Apple Music Africa Now Radio Nandi Madida to discuss her exciting role in celebrating African music and artists.

During the interview, Nandi Madida shared insights into her exhilarating new role, her aspirations for the show, and her unwavering commitment to uplifting emerging artists. With a multifaceted background in acting, singing, and entrepreneurship, she brings a unique perspective and a creative flair to Africa Now Radio, promising to captivate audiences with riveting radio and unforgettable moments.

Let’s dive into the interview and learn more about her aspirations, goals, and favorite African artists.

Nandi Madida
Nandi madida via instagram

Q: Congratulations on becoming the new host of Africa Now Radio! How does it feel to be a part of this platform that celebrates African music and artists?

A: Thank you! It feels so organic, and genuinely a match made in heaven. I’ve always believed in Africa and its authentic greatness being given a platform and a chance to shine on global stages. Africa Now Radio believes in, supports, and celebrates African excellence.

Q: What are your goals and aspirations for the show? How do you plan to contribute to the promotion and recognition of African music on a global scale?

A: Great question. It’s been a passion of mine to always shine a bright light on Africa. With the global following and platforms I have, along with Apple’s support, we will ensure we continue to make noise about how incredible our talent is on the continent. Africa Now Radio and Apple Music have been cheering African artists and pushing them on global platforms before it was cool to do so. I am honored to work with them in showcasing our diverse talent and all the glory of Africa.

Q: What inspired you to take on this role and become a voice for African music? How do you see yourself making an impact and connecting with both African and international audiences?

A: I would say what didn’t inspire me? There was no way I would say no to such a role when it comes to advocating for African music and artists. It’s been a passion of mine for a while. Being a host and executive producer on BET and a host on Coke Studios Africa, being a pan-Africanist has been at the core of everything I do. I want to ensure that we are united in music and the arts as a continent and that we are also recognized and celebrated around the world.

Q: Africa has an incredibly diverse music scene. How do you plan to curate the show to represent the various genres, regions, and emerging talents from across the continent?

A: It’s paramount to have your ear on the ground always when it comes to different genres of music. Being from the continent I’m from, I am spoiled with so many different genres to celebrate and play on the show. I have an incredible team that ensures listeners get the very best in different genres the continent has to offer. Africa’s musical diversity is a great advantage that allows us to showcase the diverse sounds that exist.

Q: Can you share some of your personal favorite African artists or songs that listeners should definitely check out? What makes them stand out to you?

A: I have so many that I love. Exciting emerging artists like Batundi, Ayra Starr, Zakes Bantwini, Msaki, Davido, Drega, and Young Stunna are definitely worth checking out. Each of them possesses unique talents that have captured my attention. They are making waves and are poised to be the next performers of our time.

Q: What can listeners expect from Africa Now Radio under your hosting? Are there any exciting segments, collaborations, or special features you have in mind?

A: Without giving away too much, listeners can expect riveting radio for the world to get lost in African sounds. There will be quirky moments with artists that help the listeners feel connected and closer to their favorite artists. It will be a feel-good time. I can’t share all the details yet, but I invite everyone to tune in and experience it firsthand this Friday, June 2nd!

Q: As an actress, singer, and entrepreneur, how do you think your multifaceted background will influence your approach to hosting Africa Now Radio? Will we see elements of your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit reflected in the show?

A: There’s definitely a different flare and different insights I’ll be bringing to the platform. Having experience in different mediums allows me to capture the audience’s imagination using different elements of creativity. With my broad experience in entertainment, I hope to elevate the show even more with exciting new ways to capture an even broader audience worldwide. We’re taking it to the top!

Nandi Madida
Nandi madida via instagram

Q: Africa Now Radio serves as a platform for emerging African artists to gain exposure. How do you plan to support and champion these rising talents, and what advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to break into the music industry?

A: Africa Now Radio has already been doing a great job of supporting emerging African artists, and I have to give the team huge props for seeing Africa and its artists. I hope to continue supporting and championing our rising talents. My advice to aspiring artists would be to take care of their mental well-being, and health, set healthy boundaries, remain humble, and most importantly, have a great team that shares good values.

Q: Music has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together. In your opinion, what is the significance of African music in the global music landscape, and how can it continue to make an impact?

A: African music currently creating a buzz around the world and reminds the world where the heartbeat of music is originally from. There’s no better and more vibrant continent than Africa, musically and otherwise. It’s important for African artists to continue respecting their craft, having the right teams, and maximizing the right opportunities. Being professional is key, and I’m proud to see our artists recognizing their value and work.

Q: Finally, what message would you like to convey to the audience of Africa Now Radio and fans of African music around the world?

A: We are you, and you are us. We are Africa proud, Africa loud, and Africa Now! This show is for you, no matter where in the world you’re from. I’ll be seeing my listeners as family, and this family loves all things African music and wants to see it soar to greater heights.

With her passion, creativity, and dedication to African music and artists, the new host of Africa Now Radio is set to create an engaging and memorable experience for listeners, reinforcing Africa’s position as a powerhouse in the global music scene. Stay tuned and join the Africa Now family as they celebrate the vibrant sounds of the continent.