F.ACE Releases Soulful Single “Tired” featuring Anton Romero


UK-based hip hop artist F.ACE has unveiled his latest single titled “Tired,” featuring Anton Romero. Hailing from the Northwest of London, F.ACE is an independent hip hop/rap artist who is reigniting the sound of rap music in the city. With his adept flow, authentic lyricism, and refreshing style, F.ACE is making a name for himself in the UK music scene.

“Tired” explores the realization of being the architect of one’s own problems and the problems of those closest to them. F.ACE’s lyrics delve into the complexities of self-reflection and the impact it can have on personal growth and relationships. The collaboration with Anton Romero adds an additional layer of depth and emotion to the song.

F.ace Tired
Tired cover art

F.ACE brings a unique approach to Bay-style rap, combining dark yet energetic production with his versatile and genius wordplay. His music is mind-driven, displaying his lyricism and amazing flow. F.ACE’s rhythm and timing are spot-on, showcasing his passion and dedication to his craft.

As F.ACE continues to affirm his position in the hip hop sphere, his single “For The Money” has already gained traction on major music streaming platforms, including YouTube. With his captivating sound and undeniable talent, F.ACE is a rapper to keep an eye on as he cements his position in the hip hop scene, not only in his hometown but also across the globe.

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