Fameye Releases “Not God” Remix Featuring Stonebwoy

Fameye photo by @Joshsisly

Ghanaian hiplife musician Fameye is out with the remix of his recently released heartfelt single “Not God” featuring Afro-dancehall pioneer Stonebwoy.

Music has an unparalleled way of conveying powerful messages that strike deep chords with listeners, and Fameye, one of Ghana’s musical gems, has done it again with the release of the remix of “Not God,” featuring Stonebwoy.

The lyrics of “Not God” carry a poignant message about the finite nature of human existence. Fameye’s verses emphasize the idea that each person is on this earth for a purpose, but our time here is limited.

Fameye Not God Remix
Fameye Not God Remix

Stonebwoy’s contribution to the remix adds another layer to this powerful message. He points out how people often make extensive plans for the future, yet many never live to see those plans come to fruition. In recognition of life’s unpredictability, he acknowledges that he cannot achieve everything at once. Still, he remains committed to the grind, choosing the path of perseverance despite the challenges.

The remix of “Not God” enhances the song’s message with Stonebwoy’s distinctive touch, making it a must-listen for fans of both artists and anyone seeking music with a powerful message.

You can stream the “Not God” remix here

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