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Farofa da Gkay: Dora Figueiredo Reveals She Caught Mother and Son

mother, like son? It seems that Dora Figueiredo liked Valesca Popozuda’s family, since she stayed with the singer herself and even her son, MC Pablinho, in “Farofa da Gkay“.

The influencer also confessed that she wants the title of ‘queen of making out’ this year, since the last one was due to Viih Tube.

image by Dora Figueiredo via instagram

Even before starting “Farofa”, the influencers got together in a pool party. In this ‘pre-party’, Dora kissed MC Pablinho right away and was caught on camera.

What she didn’t know was that he is the son of Valesca Popozuda, who she also kissed. “People and I caught Valesca Popozuda’s son in Farofa without knowing it, since I already caught his mother“, she wrote on Twitter, in shock.

Dora Figueiredo wants the cruising crown
In an interview with Multishow, Dora Figueiredo confessed that even before the party started, she already distributed kisses. “I’m into kissing, including, I’m already six and counting. On and routing,” she said.

We saw the Brazil game, very beautiful in the pool and it was wonderful. I do not miss the opportunity because I am here to take the crown of the Queen Viih Tube”, she joked.

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