#FCL FELS Unleashes His Latest Explosive Drill Single “Thousand”


Independent musical artist and songwriter, #FCL FELS, hailing from Sydney City, Australia, is taking the music scene by storm with the release of his fifth consecutive single, “Thousand.” This latest track is a testament to his relentless dedication and creative evolution in the music industry.

Since venturing into the realm of music, #FCL FELS has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his craft, producing a steady stream of tracks over the past five months. His intense work ethic and boundless passion for music are evident in his continued pursuit of innovation, evidenced by his continuous exploration of new flows, beats, and even production, mixing, and mastering techniques.

With a distinct ability to craft diverse rhyme schemes and intricate flow patterns, #FCL FELS has quickly established a reputation for his lyrical prowess and has showcased an unmatched work-rate. His recent releases stand as a compelling testimony to his growth and development as a musician.

What sets #FCL FELS apart is not only his musical talent but also his ability to convey the deeply personal journey he is on. Through his lyrics, he documents his transition from life on the streets to the poetic canvas of musical sheets, providing listeners with a glimpse into his past and an understanding of the profound significance music holds in his life.

“Thousand,” his latest drill single, serves as an electrifying testament to his skill and a harbinger of great things to come from this emerging artist. As #FCL FELS continues to hone his craft and develop as an artist, his commitment to music is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide.

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Osafo Daniel
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