Flo Alimasi Drops New Track “IIBA” – A Captivating Celebration of Love

Multicultural musician and multimedia artist, Florent Alimasi, known as Flo Alimasi, has recently released his latest track, “IIBA.” The song is a delightful dance tune that celebrates the moment when a beautiful black queen came and stole his heart.

“IIBA” is a rhythmic and joyful expression of love, capturing the essence of that magical moment when a special someone captivates your heart. Flo Alimasi, through his music, brings to life the emotions and excitement of falling head over heels for a black queen.

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Flo Alimasi’s journey took him to Canada in 2007 at the age of 11. His multicultural background and personal experiences of displacement and loss due to war and natural disasters have greatly influenced his creative practice.

As a refugee navigating life with a large family of 11 kids, Alimasi found solace in music and art. His creative mission is to make music that positively influences those around him, and “IIBA” is a testament to this commitment.

Flo Alimasi’s artistry goes beyond borders, blending cultural influences and personal narratives to create music that resonates with a diverse audience. “IIBA” adds another vibrant chapter to his body of work, inviting listeners to join in the celebration of love and connection.

Osafo Daniel
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