FlowKing Stone Makes Surprise Appearance at Pimpinese Night


Pimpinese Night at the Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant on Saturday was abuzz with patrons both new and old reminiscing over a conversation that is of interest and pertinent to them while still dancing.

The chief among them was the 1983 Mfantsipim alumni, who were in their numbers and ‘dancing their hearts out’. Pimpinese Night is the celebration and embracing of all things retro with respect to music of all kinds and genres.

The night started with Clarke Pentoa playing some ‘Old School’ Rhythm and Blues before slotting into some mid-tempo-Hi-Life songs, spanning decades.

Raising the stakes higher, The PM took it up a notch slicing and dicing through Hip-hop of yesteryears, thereby giving some revelers what they came in for.

The Nineties era of music was not left out of the music palette, as Sexy-Rexy did justice to what he knows best, with regards to his flow and selection prowess. All along this while, Pacman was on the microphone hyping the crowd through the night.

The grand finale of the event was when a surprise artist in the name of FlowKing Stone, stepped up to the stage with no announcement to his name whatsoever.

The magic really paid off, given the way some ravers were singing along every one of the songs he sang. He used the occasion to showcase some of his latest body of work called ‘The Decision’.

Interacting with him after his performance, he tells the story behind ‘The Decision Album’ indicating that: “Numerous times I choose the ones I think will be the hit on the albums. But to my surprise, my fans also have their own tastes, hence ‘The Decision’ for them to choose their choice of songs for the hits.”

And as to how he will know which songs will be the hits from his fans, FlowKing Stone replied: “I and my team scour all our platforms and monitor our fans favourites’, with respect to listenership via streaming”.

The show ended with The PM playing some classic reggae as some patrons kept asking for the next date of the summer version of Pimpinese Night.

Missing in action and sending her wishes and regards to Pimpinese Night, Vee Okyne, the only lady among the organisers said: “Am glad Pimpinese is back. It’s been an event close to my heart as it takes me and so many others back to our childhood days and homes when growing up.

“From a video account, it was a delight to see so many people turned up and out in the cold after such a long break, just to experience the nostalgia of another Pimpinese Night.”

According to FlowKing Stone, the album is on most of the music platforms for purchasing and listening.


Wilfred Clarke
Wilfred Clarke also known as Clarke Pentoa is a freelance journalist, radio presenter, and an award winning Master of Ceremonies. Wilfred has 17 years' experience working on national and international radio.