François Marius returns with inspiring and powerful new single, Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT)

François Marius
François Marius

Dynamic Canadian Reggae Pop artist François Marius is back with his new song “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT)”

You know those tracks that upon listening we are sure of the undoubted status it has as an absolute ANTHEM for the dance floor? That’s EXACTLY what we saw here! Despite the seductive Jamaican climate, the recording took place between Canada and Estonia at the “more than legendary” Abbey Road Studio in London. And we have already entered the experience with the vocal embedded in “raggamuffin” contours, spoken incessantly and very swinging, with the instrumental that releases ska and reggae in several aspects, waving powerfully to the dancefloors, exuding personality through the pores and denoting an essential artistic identity!

We still have a world full of dreams and exhausting the most vivid colors, in a sublime female choir, brass section and the characteristic sound of cuíca (fans of Brazilian samba know it very well!). At the same time, despite the enacted party, it impresses with the “cerebrality” of the arrangements, with several atmospheric layers giving off effects and highly seductive in its conceptual archetype.

We are discussing the most recent release in single/video format from the artist based in Tallinn (Estonia), FRANÇOIS MARIUS, and his signature “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix”! The animated music video is another energetic driving force for this potential HIT.

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