Freddy Poundz Unleashes Electrifying New Track “Right Tempo”

Freddy PoundzFreddy Poundz

Rising Nigerian artist Freddy Poundz has set the stage ablaze with the release of his latest track, “Right Tempo,” a perfect blend of hip-hop and Afrobeat that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. With its infectious rhythm and electrifying energy, “Right Tempo” is poised to inject high-octane vibes into playlists, offering a seamless fusion of two dynamic musical genres.

Freddy Poundz, a force to be reckoned with in the Afrobeat scene, has consistently showcased his ability to transcend borders with his infectious rhythms and captivating lyrics. His unique sound, seamlessly blending Afrobeat with rap, has garnered widespread acclaim, establishing him as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Having officially entered the music business in 2012, Freddy Poundz boasts an impressive repertoire of previous releases, including “Railway,” “Gabo ft Reminisce,” “Baby ft Pepenazi,” “Samba ft Gabu,” “Ko Kan’ye,” and “By the way,” among many others. Each release reflects Poundz’s unwavering commitment to crafting music that resonates deeply with his audience, showcasing his versatility and artistry.

“Right Tempo” stands as a testament to Freddy Poundz’s ability to seamlessly blend hip-hop and Afrobeat, offering a fresh and invigorating musical experience that transcends boundaries and genres. With its infectious rhythm and high-energy delivery, the track is set to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape, cementing Poundz’s position as a trailblazer in the Afrobeat and hip-hop fusion.

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