G-West Unleashes Hip-Hop Anthem “Nauseous”

Fast-rising Southern Missouri-based rapper G-West is out with his latest release, “Nauseous.” This gritty and hard-hitting track is a testament to his Midwestern roots and the rich cultural influences that have shaped his unique sound.

G-West’s musical journey has been marked by several significant hits, including “Breakin’ Off,” “Bout It,” and “Zone,” which have solidified his reputation as a prominent artist in his city. With an early introduction to the music industry and encounters with artists like Mystical and David Banner in the early 2000s, G-West’s passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit.

In 2015, G-West founded his very own record label, “OMB4L,” representing “Only My Brothers 4 Life.” This label has been the driving force behind his music and his commitment to making a significant impact in the music industry.

G-West’s latest release, “Nauseous,” showcases his lyrical prowess and gritty style. The track delves into the artist’s journey and aspirations to elevate his state’s music scene. G-West’s determination and dedication to his craft shine through his music, setting the stage for an exciting and promising future.

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