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Meet the Gentleman who disguises himself as hookup girl

Hookup Girl

The lid was taken off the burgeoning career of a gentleman who disguised himself as a hookup girl.

He was so good at disguising himself that the men who booked him never realized he was a man who had dressed as a woman.

On her private Snapchat channel, she usually shared videos and photos of himself twerking and enticing his customers…nobody suspected him.

His physique and his girlish tendencies did not betray him. With a wig and an ass-pad, the gentleman was able to beat the protocol and was almost never suspected by the men at the club.

Not until he went to a club in Accra and was exposed after he was booked to sexually play with the manhood of the men. Nobody identified him until he was done with the act. The distraught men took him into their car, punched him a couple of times, and drove him off.

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Hookup Girls In Ghana