Get an exclusive first look at Hey Geng: Ghana’s eagerly-awaited lifestyle show


The much-talked-about upcoming lifestyle show from famous Ghanaian Snapchat influencers, collectively known as Hey GENG, finally gets a 53-second promotional teaser, giving a first look at what to expect. 

It’s time to expect the unexpected! Fans of popular Ghanaian Snapchat influencers and content creators Naa Amerley, Dulcie Boateng, Nana Mitch, Angela Nyamewaa, Schardo Mitch and St Olivia are about to be amazed! The creative powerhouses, collectively known as Hey GENG, have finally released the official introductory video for their upcoming lifestyle show, Hey GENG and the excitement is on. 

Hey GENG will see the six friends come together to showcase their bond with glimpses into their unique personalities and talents. While people might wonder what to expect from the team of influencers, Nana Mitch cleared the air, saying: “Imagine a YouTube channel that takes you on a journey of discovery and inspiration like you’ve never witnessed before. That’s what Hey GENG content is going to do. It will be something different from any other thing out there. Schardo [Mitch] and I will be the creative directors on set – so you can imagine. We are confident our beautiful set pieces will help this show set a new standard.” 

So far, the consensus around the teaser is positive. It has already recorded tens of thousands of views on YouTube in 24 hours, with most viewers eager to see the six in action. And though there is still no word on a release date or premiere, fans of Hey GENG can expect a spectacle full of excitement, drama, and light-hearted moments in the coming weeks if the collective’s YouTube description is anything to go by.

Are you ready for something fresh and exciting?! Hey GENG is the upcoming lifestyle show to anticipate.

Watch the full teaser below