Ghanaian Artist Yaw Steez Unveils Enchanting Love Song “ODO NSUO (Love Water)”

Yaw Steez
Yaw Steez

Ghanaian-born and raised artist Yaw Steez is captivating hearts with his latest release, “ODO NSUO (Love Water),” a mesmerizing love song that flows like a river of emotions. The track marks a significant phase in Yaw Steez’s music career, as he embraces his roots and showcases his versatility in blending Hi-Life, Rap, RnB, and Afro beats.

“ODO NSUO (Love Water)” is a testament to Yaw Steez’s artistry, as he weaves together rich melodies and heartfelt lyrics that celebrate the beauty and depth of love. The song’s title, which translates to “Love Water” in English, perfectly encapsulates its essence – an enchanting flow of love that quenches the soul’s thirst.

Yaw Steez  ODO NSUO (Love Water)
ODO NSUO (Love Water)

Yaw Steez officially embarked on his music journey in 2017 under the stage name STEEZI. However, after years of experimenting with his sound and embracing diverse musical influences, including Hi-Life, Rap, R&B, and Afro beats, he has chosen to move forward in his career under his original name, Yaw Steez.

His decision to return to his roots as Yaw Steez signifies a deeper connection to his Ghanaian heritage and a commitment to creating music that reflects his authentic self. “ODO NSUO (Love Water)” is a testament to this journey, as it beautifully fuses modern musical elements with the timeless appeal of Ghanaian music traditions.

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