Ghanaian Musician Ewa Kyng Drops New Dancehall Track “Focus Freaky”

Ewa Kyng Focus Freaky
Focus Freaky cover

Rising Ghanaian artist Ewa Kyng has released his second single, “Focus Freaky,” a high-energy dancehall track. This electrifying song is designed to get audiences moving and grooving, making it a perfect fit for genres like afrobeat, afro-fusion, and Dancehall.

Ewa Kyng is a versatile Ghanaian singer with a unique musical style influenced by a blend of genres and cultures. His ability to sing in both the Ashanti Twi (Akan) dialect and Pidgin (English) language adds depth and diversity to his music. He explores themes such as love, inspiration, partying, and the challenges of life, using proverbs and idioms that resonate with his audience and provide a rich cultural context.

“Focus Freaky” is a vibrant and inspirational dancehall track that will undoubtedly get listeners in the mood to dance and celebrate. Ewa Kyng’s captivating vocals and dynamic sound create an electrifying atmosphere that’s hard to resist.

With “Focus Freaky,” Ewa Kyng continues to showcase his talent and versatility as a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene. The song is now available on major music platforms, ready to inspire and entertain audiences with its infectious rhythms and energetic vibes.

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