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Ghanaian Rapper Tulenkey Releases ‘Bad Friends’ EP


Ghanaian rapper, Tulenkey has presented his first release of the year, a four-track EP entitled ‘Bad Friends’.

Join Tulenkey on a musical journey where the voices in his head morph into deceptive companions.

Each track becomes a chapter, recounting the internal conflicts and self-doubt that characterize this intricate dance between Tulenkey and the negative influences that disguise themselves as friends.

Featuring guest appearances by Kweku Flick, Oseikrom Sikanii, and Beeztrap KOTM, this musical journey challenges the conventional norms of storytelling with each song depicting the profound impact of unchecked negativity.

The EP confronts the stigma surrounding mental health and encourages listeners to empathize with the internal battles faced by many, resulting in a project that is relatable and intense simultaneously.

Following the exclusive launch of the EP in Accra on Friday, February 16, 2024, this latest project by the dynamic Ghanaian rapper went live on all digital stores over the weekend.

“Bad Friends” is available on all digital streaming platforms here