Ghanaian Rising Star Yaw Steez Unleashes Afro Drill Heat with “StreetLife”

Yaw Steez
Yaw Steez

Rising Ghanaian artist Yaw Steez has taken a bold step in his music career with the release of “StreetLife.” This electrifying Afro Drill track combines Ghanaian language and Lingala from Congo on a drill beat, delivering an energy-packed sonic experience.

“StreetLife” is more than just a song; it’s a fusion of cultures and styles that sets Yaw Steez apart in the music scene. Drawing from the burgeoning Afro Drill and Asakaa Flava movements, Yaw Steez’s unique approach adds a fresh twist to the genre.

yaw steez Streetlife
Streetlife Cover

The lyrics of “StreetLife” reflect the raw experiences of life in the streets, intertwined with vibrant beats and melodies that pay homage to the artist’s Ghanaian roots and the diverse influences that have shaped his musical journey.

Yaw Steez officially launched his music career in 2017 under the stage name STEEZI. After years of experimenting with sound and exploring his artistic identity, he has decided to embrace his original name, Yaw Steez. This change represents the evolution and growth of the artist’s music, allowing him to fully express himself while connecting with his audience on a deeper level.

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