Ghanaian Sensation Abbla Unique Set to Release New Single “Mine”

Abbla Unique
Abbla Unique

Ghanaian singer-songwriter, model, and jewelry designer Abbla Unique, known for her undeniable confidence and powerful vocals, is set to unleash her latest creation upon the world. Her debut single “Lova Loca in 2022 marked the start of an incredible journey and now she returns with the highly anticipated release of her latest single entitled “Mine”. As an artist Abbla Unique believes in the universal language of music and its power to connect people from all walks of life.

She is driven by a desire to provide her audience with unique experiences”Mine” is a testament to this vision. Through her latest single, “Mine”, she invites listeners to groove and celebrate their journey just as she celebrates hers. “Mine” is more than just a sweet groove, it’s an anthem of self-empowerment and celebration of personal growth.

Abbla Unique mine
mine cover

Written to celebrate the resilience she found within herself to pivot her story; damned be unbelievers. Listeners may also notice the lyric extract “gogo sege ye le Liza si” in “Mine, which is an homage to the song “Gogoloto” by the Togolese band Sassamaso. Recorded and mastered by the talented webiejustdidit, and assisted by Iyke Parker, Mine” showcases Abbla Unique’s exceptional vocals in a sonically rich and immersive production.

“Mine” will be available for streaming on all major platforms starting on October 13th offering listeners a chance to experience the magic of Abbla Unique’s artistry. Stay tuned and prepare to be moved by this unique musical journey For booking updates and exclusive content, connect with Abbla Unique on her social media channels @abbla_unique

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