Gibrilville and Wanlov the Kubolor link for ‘Dididaada’ video

Gibrilville Dididaada

Ghanaian-born Nigerian music star, Gibril Adedayo Hassan Mansaray, known by his stage name, Gibrilville has released the much-anticipated video for his hit song titled ‘Dididaada’ featuring Ghanaian-Romanian musician, Wanlov the Kubolor.

Gibrilville is one of the frontier artists pushing Afrobeat sounds globally. With the artwork for the music video featured on Billboards in the USA and Ghana, the singer aspires to make a great impact with the song ‘Dididaada’. The official release of his EP is set for the 2022 summer with an album expected for release in winter.

His infectious style and lyrical prowess have earned him various accolades from music lovers across Africa.

In the new single, the talented singer chants: ”Ghana, Dididaada” which means ”Ghana shall eat forever”, in the Asante language referring to the wealth that his motherland is blessed with. For the multilingual artist – making music is as important as eating and sleeping.

Embracing his signature Afrobeat style, Gibrilville collaborated with record producer, Jaysynths to create a unique sound. Percussive Afrobeat cements the rhythm throughout the song, embellished by guitar, piano, and synth pulses, to create an entrancing and enticing track.

Watch Gibrilville Dididaada ft Wanlov

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