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Giga Beat and Rashid Malik Collaborate on Mesmerizing Afrobeats Single “Soco”

Giga Beat
Giga Beat

Dominican producer Giga Beat and Ghanaian singer and songwriter Rashid Malik have joined forces to release the captivating Afrobeats track “Soco.” This chill and rhythmic single combines the unique lyrical style of Rashid Malik with the melodic prowess of Giga Beat, offering listeners a perfect track to vibe to in romantic moments or sing along to in a traffic jam.

“Soco” represents a fusion of Ghanaian and Dominican musical influences, creating a mesmerizing blend of rhythms and melodies. The track’s title, which means “twerk” in English, captures the vibrant and infectious energy that defines the song.

Giga Beat’s production expertise and Rashid Malik’s lyrical prowess come together to create a musical experience that resonates with audiences across diverse cultural spaces. The fusion of Afrobeats and soca music, as well as influences from dancehall, adds a unique dimension to “Soco,” reflecting the evolution of musical genres over the years.

The collaboration between Giga Beat and Rashid Malik showcases their ability to push the boundaries of musical exploration and create a track that seamlessly blends different cultural and musical influences. “Soco” is a testament to their dedication to creating captivating and infectious music that transcends boundaries and resonates with a global audience.

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