Giga Beat and Zeezy Release Afrobeats Track “Damn (Cover)”

Giga Beat
Giga Beat

Dominican producer Giga Beat and African singer Zeezy have teamed up to release a captivating Afrobeat & Dancehall track titled “Damn (Cover).” This genre-bending collaboration brings together the talents of two exceptional artists, resulting in a track that exudes an amazing vibe and rhythm.

“Damn (Cover)” is a reinterpretation of the original composition by Afrobeat artist Omah Lay. While maintaining the essence of the original melodies and chords, Giga Beat and Zeezy have added their own unique variation in terms of instruments and lyrics. The result is a fresh and dynamic take on the song that showcases their creativity and musical prowess.

Damn (Cover)
Damn (cover)

Originally released on SoundCloud in 2021, “Damn (Cover)” quickly gained popularity and reached an impressive position of #12 on the HipHop/Urban Top 40 charts. The track’s infectious energy and captivating sound have resonated with listeners, further solidifying Giga Beat and Zeezy’s presence in the music scene.

Giga Beat, also known as Edilberto De Jesus Rodriguez, is a talented music producer from the Dominican Republic. He began his career in 2008, initially making beats for a music group called F.O.M.O. After four years of producing songs for the group, Giga Beat embarked on his own independent journey as a producer. Throughout his career, he has released instrumental albums, collaborated with artists from different cultures and styles, and continuously pushed the boundaries of his craft.

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