Giggs Talks About His Latest Album “Zero Tolerance” with Manny Norte

The iconic British rapper, known as “The Landlord,” Giggs, recently sat down with Manny Norte for an engaging conversation, shedding light on his brand new album, “Zero Tolerance,” and his remarkable collaboration with Diddy.

Giggs’ journey from having his shows shut down by the police to making waves in America and featuring on renowned platforms in the United States is nothing short of inspiring. The interview provides a glimpse into the rapper’s evolution and his growing recognition internationally.

During the conversation, Giggs delves into some of his favorite tracks from “Zero Tolerance,” offering insights into the creative process behind the album. He discusses how he feels like a new artist breaking into the American music scene, with many Americans discovering his talent for the first time.

The candid interview captures Giggs’ passion, dedication, and remarkable journey, making it a must-watch for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

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