GJtheCaesar Unveils Groundbreaking Single ‘FUJI RAP RIDDIM’


Fast rising artist GJtheCaesar is out with his latest single, ‘FUJI RAP RIDDIM,’ a groundbreaking blend of Fuji and Hip-Hop that pays homage to the legendary Fuji artiste Adewale Ayuba.

With ‘FUJI RAP RIDDIM,’ GJtheCaesar bridges the gap between generations, seamlessly blending the vibrancy of Fuji music with the flow, lyricism, and wordplay of Hip-Hop. The result is a unique and innovative sound that captures the essence of both genres, creating a musical experience that appeals to a diverse audience. GJtheCaesar, known for his versatility and creative prowess, brings his A-game on ‘FUJI RAP RIDDIM.’

This track showcases his ability to express creative freedom in a way that resonates with music enthusiasts of all backgrounds. When asked about the inspiration behind the song, GJtheCaesar shared, “The moment I heard the original song ‘Koloba Koloba’ by Dr Adewale Ayuba, I was instantly hooked. Ayuba did something special on the track, and I tried my best to complement it in my own way.”

Adewale Ayuba himself acknowledges FUJI RAP RIDDIM and as well co-signed the track. ‘FUJI RAP RIDDIM’ is not just a song; it’s a musical journey that marks the birth of something new and unprecedented. GJtheCaesar is breaking boundaries and paving the way for a fresh wave of creativity in the music industry. This release is a testament to his commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical expression.’

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