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GOGOWÉ Unveils Vibrant Single “Like A Piano Key”


GOGOWÉ, the talented and independent Nigerian artist, has captivated audiences once again with the release of her latest single, “Like A Piano Key.” Following the success of her 2023 singles, ‘Counterfeit’ and “I Could Fall,” which garnered attention on editorial playlists, GOGOWÉ continues to showcase her distinct musical style and lyrical prowess.

“Like A Piano Key,” written, rapped, and sung by GOGOWÉ, encapsulates the essence of battling anxiety in a playful and captivating manner, featuring intricate wordplay that invites multiple listens. This vibrant release seamlessly blends elements of AfroPop and Hip-Hop, resonating with high energy and serving as an electrifying anthem that originated from a personal self-healing journey and evolved into a powerful musical creation.

The track exudes a spirit of “Let’s go!” embodied in a song, reflecting GOGOWÉ’s commitment to providing a therapeutic outlet for those grappling with anxiety. With her lush vocals, finely crafted harmonies, and dynamic musical arrangement, “Like A Piano Key” offers a refreshing and uplifting experience for listeners, encouraging them to embrace positivity and joy.

GOGOWÉ’s music is characterized by its upbeat, groovy, and danceable nature, radiating with positive vibes that resonate with diverse audiences. “Like A Piano Key” stands as a testament to her artistic versatility and dedication to creating music that not only entertains but also connects with listeners on a deeper emotional level.

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