Gyakie Opens Grammy Debut with ‘Herbal Tea and White Sofas’ interview

Gyakie Opens Grammy Debut with ‘Herbal Tea and White Sofas’ interview

Ghanaian afrobeats star Gyakie has currently been featured on Grammys’ ‘Herbal Tea and White Sofas‘ interview.

The award-winning singer has been steadily rising to fame ever since she debuted in 2019 — but the Ghana-born star admits she still has pinch-me moments every time she gets in front of her fans.

My emotional state before I go on stage, every single time, no matter how much I’m used to seeing a lot of people on stage, I always feel like it is my first time,” she says. “Sometimes I actually tend to cry. I can say, seven out of 10 times, whenever I’m about to go on stage, I get very teary. I start to cry, because every time I tell myself, ‘I’m still doing this. I’m still in this game. People still love me.'”

Those emotional moments are only growing in number — with a rapidly growing collection of hit singles and awards show mentions, Gyakie is on her way up in the music business — and the singer says she centers herself by reaching for one of her favorite snacks. In the newest episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas, Gyakie elaborates on the kinds of treats she most often likes to munch on before a show.

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So far as it’s a crispy snack — you know, it keeps your mouth busy, you can hear the sounds in your ears,” she explains with a laugh. “So I always like anything crispy.

But that’s not all: She also makes sure her backstage area is well stocked with one particular condiment that reminds her of her home country. “I love hot sauce as well,” she continues. “In Ghana, where, I can actually testify, we love hot sauce. About eight of 10 times, the food we have there, it always comes with hot sauce. So I’m used to it. That is all that we’re about in Ghana.

Press play on the video above to watch as Gyakie shares more about her back-stage must-haves — and what she loves most about traveling the world to play for her fans — and keep checking back to for more episodes of Herbal Tea & White Sofas.

“Herbal Tea and White Sofas”, a new series where artists reveal their backstage must-haves. Congratulations, Gyakie! You have made Ghana proud.

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