Gye Drops Feel-Good Afrobeats Anthem “It Can Pain”


Ghanaian US-based musician Gye is making waves with his latest release, an infectious afrobeats track titled “It Can Pain.” Fusing catchy beats with humorous and emotionally charged lyrics in both English and Susu, the song is a celebration of the best feelings of being human—happiness and love.

“It Can Pain” is not just a danceable anthem but a sonic journey that captures the essence of joy and the warmth of human connections. Gye’s playful approach to storytelling, combined with the vibrant afrobeats soundscape, creates a track that is both entertaining and relatable.

Gye It Can Pain
It Can Pain

In a world where the daily grind can sometimes feel overwhelming, “It Can Pain” serves as a musical reminder to embrace the moments of happiness, no matter how small. The song radiates positive vibes, making it a perfect addition to playlists that celebrate life and love.

Gye’s unique blend of humor and heartfelt expression sets “It Can Pain” apart, making it a track that resonates with diverse audiences. The upbeat rhythm and infectious energy are sure to get listeners moving and grooving.

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