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Hakuna Patata Releases Uplifting Song “Upendo na Amani (Love and Peace)”

Upendo Na Amani

Hakuna Patata, a seasoned musician with over 40 years of experience, has unveiled his latest song titled “Upendo na Amani (Love and Peace).” This uptempo track incorporates reggae-dub influences and features the captivating vocals of Keynia (Doroh Nairobi), a hidden gem discovered on the internet. Sung in Swahili, the song carries a beautiful message of love and peace, accompanied by an infectious rhythm that will have listeners moving to the beat.

Hakuna Patata’s musical journey has spanned several decades, with active involvement in various bands during the 80s and 90s. Despite a temporary break, the recent years, particularly during the pandemic, have reignited his passion for music. Determined to share his musical talents and passions, Hakuna Patata has returned to the scene with a renewed vigor.

“Upendo na Amani” is a testament to Hakuna Patata’s love for African dance music, which he finds irresistibly catchy and impossible to resist. With its vibrant energy and rhythmic melodies, the song embodies the spirit of the African continent, spreading joy and positivity through its uplifting sound.