Hani Abadi Releases New Song “Dementia” as Part of “Tiamat” Album

Hani Abadi
Hani Abadi

Jordanian musician and songwriter Hani Abadi has unveiled “Dementia,” the opening track from his latest project, “Tiamat.” This 13-track album takes listeners on a captivating musical journey through a rich and emotionally charged soundscape. “Tiamat” is more than just an album; it’s an invitation for music enthusiasts to embark on a profound storytelling experience through the power of music.

“Tiamat” delves into the complexities of life, covering themes ranging from love and loss to introspection and hope. The project’s primary aim is to connect with a wide audience and touch the hearts and souls of listeners through this shared musical experience.

Hani Abadi Dementia Tiamat Cover

Hani Abadi’s musical journey has been influenced by his multicultural background. Born in the former Yugoslavia and raised in Jordan, he has drawn inspiration from various cultural traditions, leading to his distinctive and diverse musical style.

Notably, Hani Abadi is a member of the Middle Eastern dark oriental metal band, Bilocate, founded in Jordan in 2001. The band has toured across Europe and the Middle East, sharing the stage with well-respected artists and garnering recognition from major publications such as Decibel magazine and Terrorizer.

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