Hannah V, Flash Ikumkani, and CTT Beats Join Forces to Release “Undithwele”

Three exceptional talents from different corners of the world come together in an electrifying collaboration as Hannah V, Flash Ikumkani, and CTT Beats release their hit single “Undithwele.” This cross-continent combination is set to take the music scene by storm with its unique style, rich cultural influences, and compelling lyrics.

Hannah V brings a wealth of experience to the collaboration, having toured with renowned artists like Rihanna and Jason Derulo. Her transition to music production has been equally successful, with gold-certified album work, including collaborations with JP Cooper. Nominated for the Music Producers Guild award twice, Hannah V has made a significant impact in the UK music scene and is now eager to explore new horizons in South Africa, developing artists and building stars.

“Flash Ikumkani” and “CTT Beats” have a history of successful collaborations, with hits like “Heatwave” and “Deposit” making waves on Spotify and Apple Music. With the addition of Hannah V to the mix, “Undithwele” promises to be a standout hit in 2023, blending elements of hip-hop, Afro soul, and gospel to reach a broad commercial audience.

Hannah V penned this track during her exploratory trip to South Africa in June 2023, and it quickly became a standout in her catalog. The single has already garnered acclaim in the UK and South Africa, with early listeners and industry insiders praising its unique sound and cultural fusion.

The music video for “Undithwele” was shot in a stunning cathedral in Cape Town, adding a visual dimension to the song’s powerful message. With appearances from notable industry figures, this collaboration between the UK and South African markets is poised to make a lasting impression on the global music scene.

Mark Insley of CTT Beats expresses his admiration for Hannah V’s contribution to the South African market, emphasizing the high production standard she brings. The success of their recent work and the viral series “Hooks by Hannah,” with over 10 million views and recognition from US celebrities, further solidify her position in the music industry.

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