Hip Life Icon Reggie Rockstone and wife Zilla Celebrate 21 Years of Marriage

Reggie Rockstone and Wife Zilla
Reggie Rockstone and Wife Zilla

Reggie Rockstone, affectionately known as the “Hip Life Grandpapa,” and his wife, Zilla, are celebrating a remarkable milestone – their 21st wedding anniversary. This enduring love story in the entertainment industry is an inspiration to many.

Reggie marked this joyous occasion by sharing a heartwarming throwback photo on his Instagram with the caption, “ROCKZILLA = 21YRS TODAY!!! PRAISE THE MOST HIGH ELOHIM AMEN #still.” This beautiful tribute to his wife is a testament to their unwavering love and devotion.

Through the years, Reggie and Zilla have built a life together and have been blessed with three children: Ricci, Zuzu, and Rehji-Zaida. Their enduring love story in the public eye serves as an inspiration for couples in the entertainment industry and beyond.

As Reggie Rockstone and Zilla celebrate 21 years of love, their journey is a reminder of the power of commitment and partnership. Their enduring bond and support for each other are a testament to their love and devotion.

Cheers to Reggie and Zilla as they celebrate 21 years of love and to many more years of happiness and togetherness!

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